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Pellet stoves and inserts are designed to be great home heaters. Wood pellets are the most common form of pellet fuel and are a renewable energy source, making them environmentally friendly. Some pellet stoves and inserts may accommodate other pelletized fuel, such as corn, but the fuels are not readily available in our area. Use of quality pellet fuel is key to enjoyment of the product and keeping the unit running properly. High grade pellets give more heat, less ash or waste, and burn cleaner. Such pellets are available at Harmony Hearth & Home and we would be happy to discuss considerations for purchasing and storing pellet fuel. A pellet insert is a good choice if you have an open-faced wood burning fireplace you want to convert to a different fuel type. It will certainly increase efficiency and provide a better source of heat for the home. Inserts in most cases may also be built in to a wall as a fireplace in a new construction situation. Pellet burning products do require electricity to run, however it is a minimal amount and battery back-up systems are available. While much easier to care for than wood-burning products, pellet-burning products do require some attention. Fuel needs to be added on a daily basis when a unit is left running constantly. Light cleaning is recommended on a weekly basis. These products are very safe. The sides of a pellet stove don’t get as hot as may other products. If there is a problem with operation, the unit will shut down. There are usually several options for operation of a pellet stove or insert, including thermostats. Many improvements in pellet products have been made over the years. Some stoves now have touch screen controls and will soon be smart phone compatible.
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Maintenance: Annual maintenance is extremely important to ensure all moving parts continue to operate correctly. Reduced rates for maintenance in June, July, and August. Light cleaning is suggested weekly. Reduced rates for maintenance in June, July, and August. Tip: Using high quality pellets and cleaning regularly will help prolong the life of your stove. When cleaning the glass, you can moisten a paper towel, dip it in ash, then use that as a mild abrasive for hard-to-clean spots.  
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