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Pellet stoves or fireplace inserts are an economical and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Pellet heaters are easy to use, safe, and cleaner than standard wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.  Dust and allergens brought into the home are minimal, making pellet stoves and fireplace inserts a better option for those with allergies or asthma. Many pellet stoves or fireplace inserts can be connected to a thermostat to keep your home at a comfortable temperature day and night with minimal attention or effort. How long it takes to burn through a bag of pellets (40 pounds) will depend on how you run the stove or fireplace insert and the type of pellets used. Generally, the average person will use one bag of pellets per day. Pellet heaters start with the push of a button, no lighting is necessary. Most commonly, pellets are made from the waste product of wood. Therefore, not only are pellets a renewable resource, they are also a form of recycling! Harmony Hearth & Home sells pellets made of beetle- kill wood in Kremmling, Colorado. This means there is no shortage of pellets and the wood is not being wasted.  The second most common type of pellet is corn, but other biomass products can be used to create pellets. Cornstalks, straw, wastepaper and even animal waste can be converted into pellets. Not all pellet stoves or fireplace inserts can burn pellets made of something other than wood, but we do offer several multi-fuel pellet stoves. Come to Harmony Hearth & Home and see the pellet stoves and fireplace inserts we have in stock.  We would be happy to talk with you about what is best for your home and assist you in finding the right alternate heat source for you! Follow the link below to find out more about pellet products:
Pellet Stoves
In Our Showroom
Piazzetta Monia
Starting At: $2,824
Quadra-Fire CB1200
Starting At: $2,820
Harman P68
Harman XXV - TC
Starting At: $4,357
Starting At: $4,388
Piazzetta P963
Quadra-Fire Castile
Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon AE
Quadra-Fire Santa Fe
Starting At: $6,145
Starting At: $3,238
Starting At: $4,430
Starting At: $2,402{7CFBAB7F-045B-456A-9850-575C1224B4F6}{29E8C0A9-70D6-427B-9459-F8DDF03BAB94}{689BF455-72F5-41C9-A064-D0D2B2A0B6E3}{43E3DDED-19F4-458F-A43C-4749BDE1698A}{07AEB94C-5D7F-4BBA-A100-A97919009B90}
Harman Allure 50
Starting At: $4,147
Enviro Meridian
Starting At: $3,154
Enviro M55 Steel
Starting At: $4,004
Enviro P3
Starting At: $3,404
Pellet Inserts
Quadra-Fire Castile
Starting At: $3,748
Electric Electric
Harman Absolute 43
Starting At: $4,179