A gas fireplace may be the right option for you in Cheyenne, WY

Gas burning products offer the widest variety of beauty and ambiance, while still delivering the amount of heat you prefer. Many products come standard with a remote, which acts as a thermostat so you can set the desired temperature, sit back, relax and enjoy. If you prefer the look of a fire without much heat and want to convert your wood-burning fireplace to gas log set may be what you want. Let us amaze you with size and shape options and then help you narrow down your choices to find what best suits you.

Many of the newer gas-burning products do require some electricity to operate; however those come with battery back-up systems. There are still some products that don't require electricity.

Harmony Hearth & Home is not licensed to run electric or gas lines, but we can make recommendations to the appropriate places for what you need. In addition to installation of a new product, we can handle some framing and tile or stone on the wall as well as the hearth pad, or floor protection, to go under a stove. Ask about our consultation fees and how extended work projects are handled.


American Hearth Boulevard

American Hearth Boulevard 48 See Through

American Hearth Canvas Portrait Contemporary

American Hearth Canvas Portrait Traditional

American Hearth Clean Face Peninsula

American Hearth Clean Face See Through

American Hearth Loft

American Hearth Louvered Peninsula

American Hearth Madison Clean Face Contemporary

American Hearth Madison Clean Face

American Hearth Madison Louvered

American Hearth Renegade TruFlame

Enviro Q1

Enviro Q2

Enviro Q3

Enviro Q4

Enviro G Series

Enviro C Series

Heatilator Caliber

Heatilator Caliber nXt

Heatilator Corner DV36IN

Heatilator Courtyard

Heatilator Crave

Heatilator Crave See Through

Heatilator DV Series

Heatilator Gas Peninsula 36

Heatilator Gas See Through

Heatilator Heirloom

Heatilator Heirloom

Heatilator Legacy 42

Heatilator Novus

Heatilator Novus Evolution

Heatilator Novus nXt

Heatilator Rave

Heatilator Twight II Indoor/Outdoor

Heatilator Twilight Modern Indoor/Outdoor

Heatilator Villa Gas

Kozy Heat Alpha 36

Kozy Heat Bayport

Kozy Heat Callaway

Kozy Heat Carlton

Kozy Heat Slayton

Kozy Heat SP Series

Kozy Heat Springfield 36

Marquis Aurora

Marquis Bentley

Marquis Bentley See Through

Marquis Atrium

Marquis Enclave

Marquis Gemini

Marquis Grand Infinite See Through

Marquis Infinite See Through

Marquis Infinite See Through

Marquis Serene

Marquis Serene

Marquis Skyline

Marquis Skyline

Marquis Solace

Marquis Solace II

Marquis Solace II

Marquis Solara

Marquis Solara II

Pacific Energy Esprit

Regency Bellavista

Regency City Series Chicago 40

Regency City Series New York

Regency City Series San Francisco Bay

Regency Excaliber

Regency Grandview

Regency Horizon

Regency Horizon ST

Regency Panorama

Regency Panorama Pier

Regency Panorama ST

Regency Ultimate Series

Town & Country HeliFire

Town & Country TC 36 Arch

Town & Country TC 36 See Through

Town & Country TC Contemporary Series

Town & Country TC Outdoor Series

Town & Country TC Series Traditional

Town & Country TCWS Series

Town & Country TCWS 54 Indoor/Outdoor

Town & Country TCWS 54 Outdoor

Town & Country TCWS 54 See Through


Enviro Berkeley

Empire Cast Iron Srove

Enviro S-20

Enviro S-40

Enviro Westley

Enviro Westport Cast

Enviro Westport Steel

Hearthstone Bristol DX

Hearthstone Champlain

Heartstone Stowe

Heatilator Oxford

Hearthstone Waitsfield DX

Jotul GF160 DV

Jotul GF300 Allagash

Jotul GF305 DV

Jotul GF370 DV

Jotul GF400 Sebago

Jotul GF500 Portland

Kozy Heat Birchwood 20

Kozy Heat Oakport 18

Marquis Sentinel

Marquis Titan

Marquis Vantage

Pacific Energy Trenton

Quadra-Fire Hudson Bay

Regency C34

Regency Contura RC500E

Regency Hampton Series

Regency U39


American Hearth Franklin Clean Face

American Hearth Loft

American Hearth Renegade TF

Enviro E Series

Enviro EX Series

Enviro Q1

Jotul GI 450 Katahdin

Jotul GI 535 New Harbor

Jotul GI 545 Winter Harbor

Jotul GI 635 Newcastle

Kozy Heat Chaska

Kozy Heat Roosevelt

Marquis Capella

Marquis Capri

Pacific Energy Tofino

Quadra-Fire Excursion

Quadra-Fire QFI Firebrick

RealFyre DVI

Regency Energy E33

Regency Horizon

Regency Liberty

Regency Liberty L234


Hargrove Glass Burner

Hargrove Radiant Heat Aspen Timbers

Real Fyre Charred Split Oak


Empire Direct-Vent Counterflow Wall Furnace (DVC35SPPX, DVC35IPX, DVC55SPPX & DVC55IPX)

Empire Direct-Vent Wall Furnace (DV25SG & DV35SG)

Empire Direct-Vent Wall Furnace (DV210SGX & DV215SGX)

Empire High-Efficient Direct-Vent Wall Furnace (DV20E, DV40E & DV55E)

Empire UltraSaver 90 Plus (PVS18 & PVS35)