The Traditional Form of Coziness

Since the beginning of time, wood has been used to heat the home. With access to your own wood, it can be a very cost-efficient way to heat the home and, with a stove, even cook. Because wood is a renewable fuel source, use of wood-burning products is an environmentally friendly option. Products found at Harmony Hearth & Home are specially designed to be efficient and clean burning. With no need for electricity, a wood burning product can be enjoyed at any time.

Adding an insert to an already-existing open-faced fireplace can reduce draftiness in the home and provide improved heat output. Enclosed fireplaces for newly constructed or remodeled homes have the same high efficiency as a stove or insert.

Safety is a top priority when we install a wood-burning product. We use the highest quality venting available and can provide guidance that will leave you confident and comfortable with the use of appliances with such a high heat output. Maintenance, or cleaning, is a big part of keeping those fires safely and efficiently burning and Harmony provides that service as well.

While use of wood to fuel an appliance can be more time consuming and messy, many people love to feed the fire and appreciate the cozy feeling it provides. Looking for a gift for someone with a wood burning product? We have many accessories such as steamers, tool sets, ash buckets, and fire-resistant rugs that will be sure to please.


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Maintenance: At least once a year the chimney or vent needs to be cleaned for safety as well as proper operation. Cap should also be checked for obstructions. Ash removal should be done with almost every use.
Reduced rates for maintenance in June, July and August.

Tip: When cleaning the glass, you can moisten a paper towel, dip it in ash, then use that as a mild abrasive for hard-to-clean spots. Leave about 1 inch of ashes in the bottom of the firebox to insulate for faster lighting of the next fire.