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Gas burning products offer the widest variety of beauty and ambiance, while still delivering the amount of heat you prefer. Many products come standard with a remote, which acts as a thermostat so you can set the desired temperature, sit back, relax and enjoy. If you prefer the look of a fire without much heart and want to convert your wood-burning fireplace to gas log set may be what you want. Let us amaze you with size and shape options and then help you narrow down your choices to find what best suits you.

Many of the newer gas-burning products do require some electricity to operate; however those come with battery back-up systems. There are still some products that don’t require electricity.

Harmony Hearth & Home is not licensed to run electric or gas lines, but we can make recommendations to the appropriate places for what you need. In addition to installation of a new product, we can handle some framing and tile or stone on the wall as well as the hearth pad, or floor protection, to go under a stove. Ask about our consultation fees and how extended work projects are handled.

An electric fireplace, stove, or insert is just the thing for many people who do not have the space for running venting. From contemporary and unique fireplaces that hang on the wall to the more traditional stove or insert, an electric product can add a new form of attractive décor and ambiance to a home. Some even have heaters build in!

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Maintenance: Annual maintenance is recommended annually, although is not a safety concern. Reduced rates are available in June, July, and August.
The ideal time to call is the end of July when the miller-moths are dying off.

Tip: A white film will develop on the glass of a gas-burning product if not cleaned. If left uncleaned, this may etch the glass causing the need for an expensive replacement.