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Things to Consider No electricity needed – a good way to heat when the power is out Environmentally friendly Heating is efficient Fireplace inserts reduce draft Access to wood is a challenge for some people, it can also be dirty Those with allergies may have trouble burning wood in their home Time and attention are needed to keep a fire burning for long periods of time “Heat dumps” can be added to some fireplaces. This means venting can be added to carry the heat from the fireplace to other rooms in the house. Options blower fans ash systems screens door and leg finishes pedestal or legs porcelain color choices steel or cast iron   Maintenance Frequent cleaning of ashes At least yearly cleaning of chimney or venting Recommended Venting ICC Class A Chimney (a step up from the common triple wall vent) Accessories
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Quick Definitions Fireplace a "box" which will safely contain fire. Fireplaces are usually associated with new construction and/or remodeling. Fireplaces were traditionally masonry or brick, but are now commonly steel. Fireplace insert a unit which fits into a pre-existing "box" which will safely contain fire. Inserts are used when a fireplace is already present and a conversion to a different fuel type is desired – i.e. converting a wood- burning fireplace to gas. Inserts are also much more efficient than traditional fireplaces.
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