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Things to Consider No electricity is needed to run a gas stove, fireplace or fireplace insert. Minimal electricity is needed for the fan and remote controls run from batteries. Gas units are quiet themselves, only the fan will make noise Maintenance is minimal Ease – no wood to stack or pellets to buy Fireplaces sold at Harmony Hearth & Home are zero clearance Gas units we sell and install are direct vent.  B-vent is not recommended, but is available in some cases.  According to Wyoming codes, vent-free systems are not allowed. Fuel prices vary but currently use of natural gas is almost equal with other fuel types If using propane (LP) operation may be more costly than another fuel source Gas lines must be installed by a plumber.  Cost will vary according to the home. We recommend customers obtain a quote on this prior to purchasing a fireplace requiring gas line installation. Tips Flames will yellow as the fire warms up. Condensation may also be seen on the glass if the unit is cold, but will quickly disappear as the unit warms. Do not rearrange your log or rock set unless you have gas logs, this could affect the flames. Keeping your fan clean will reduce the noise of the fan. Embers (which look like hot coals at the bottom of the fire) can be replaced when they dim or go out. If you are having trouble lighting the fireplace with the remote, check not only the batteries in the remote, but in the unit itself. Wind can blow out pilot lights. Wind shields and high wind caps are available at Harmony Hearth & Home for venting and may be recommended especially if the unit is on a West or North side of the home.  We will also install the cap if requested.   Maintenance Vacuum under stove or fireplace and around fan to keep free of dust Clean glass occasionally while the unit is cool We suggest yearly maintenance with Harmony Hearth & Home for thorough cleaning and replacement of embers if needed Recommended Venting DuraVent Direct Vent Pro A double wall vent in which exhaust is released through the inner wall and fresh air is drawn from outside through the outer wall Options Shape Doors Surround/Trim Log/Rock/Glass set Fan Remote Control Thermostat Accessories
Quick Definitions Fireplace a "box" which will safely contain fire. Fireplaces are usually associated with new construction and/or remodeling. Fireplaces were traditionally masonry or brick, but are now commonly steel. Fireplace insert a unit which fits into a pre-existing "box" which will safely contain fire. Inserts are used when a fireplace is already present and a conversion to a different fuel type is desired – i.e. converting a wood- burning fireplace to gas. Inserts are also much more efficient than traditional fireplaces.
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