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If a beautiful fire at the push of a button is what you want, a gas stove, fireplace, or fireplace insert is the right item for you.  Gas products are the easiest to use and require the least effort.  Many units come standard with a remote control, allowing you to control the unit from wherever you are in the room.  Gas stoves, fireplaces, and inserts can be used to decorate and heat your home.  Gas burning products come with either a standing pilot or electronic ignitionOur staff will help you learn about this and determine which is right for you.  Most of the products installed today are direct vent.  Vent- free products are generally not recommended at our altitude. Options galore are available with gas burning products.  Size, shape, heat output, doors, burner types – it can be a challenge to make up your mind!  But, don’t be overwhelmed, we are here to help you in choosing what most reflects your taste. If you have a wood-burning fireplace that you want to change to a gas- burning product, consider an insert or gas log set.  Gas log sets (which can also come with glass instead of logs) are designed to be more decorative than heat-producing.  Ask us about the benefits and considerations to this option. Harmony Hearth & Home offers  in home estimates.  We can come to your home to see what options would be most beneficial.  Note that Harmony Hearth & Home sells, installs, and services all types of fire-burning products; however, we are not licensed to work on or install gas lines or do electrical work.  It is the responsibility of the homeowner to contact a plumber for installation of a gas line or an electrician for any necessary outlets.  You may call us if you need a referral. Follow the link below to find out more about gas products:
In Our Showroom
Gas Stoves
Gas Inserts
Quadra-Fire Sapphire
Starting At: $1,984
Quadra-Fire Garnet
Quadra-Fire Topaz
Pacific Energy Mirage 30
Pacific Energy Trenton
Kozy Heat BirchwoodMV
Jotul GF400 Sebago
Jotul GF370
Starting At: $1,671
Starting At: $2,590
Starting At: $3,274
Starting At: $2,624
Starting At: $1,800
Starting At: $2,544
Starting At: $4,224
Kozy Heat Chaska 25
Starting At: $2,478
Gas Fireplaces
Astria Scorpio 40
Starting At: $2,295
Kozy Heat Nicollet
Starting At: $1,984
Kozy Heat Chaska 29G
Quadra-Fire QFIFB30
Astria Montebello DLXCD
Astria Montebello ST
Astria Rhapsody 54
Kozy Heat Alpha 36S
Kozy Heat Carlton 46
Kozy Heat Slayton 36
Town & Country TC42
Starting At: $2,812
Starting At: $3,549
Starting At: $5,254
Starting At: $6,609
Starting At: $5,532
Starting At: $4,397
Starting At: $2,501
Starting At: $3,913
Starting At: $2,921
Starting At: $7,256
http://townandcountryfireplaces.net/products/tc30.php http://pacificenergy.net/products/gas/linear-gas-fireplaces/esprit/ http://www.kingsmanind.com/fsdirectvent http://marquisfireplaces.net/en/Cove http://www.fireplaces.com/Syndicated/Catalog/Product.aspx?did=0013000000MqUqUAAV&pid={36A46DF9-DADE-4704-8586-40C65235013A} http://ironstrike.us.com/products/madison-park-34 http://www.hearthstonestoves.com/store/gas-products/gas-stoves/waitsfield-dx-8770 http://marquisfireplaces.net/en/Bentley
Enviro Berkley MV
Starting At: $3,604
Kozy Heat SP34
Starting At: $1,640
Enviro Q4
Starting At: $4,839
Heatilator Novus 3630I
Starting At: $1,588
Marquis Bentley-39H
Starting At: $2,586
Gas Log Sets and Glass Burners
Real Fyre 24” Charred
Split Oak Log Set
Hargrove 30” Full Pan
Glass Burner
Starting At: $739
Starting At: $948
Enviro Q3
Starting At: $3,213
Electric Electric
Real Fyre DVI-30i
Starting At: $3,275
Real Fyre DVI-30m
Starting At: $3,470